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At Hair Clinic you can have a skin care treatment as well along with your hair needs. Hair clinic provides you with best remedies for a natural, fresh and healthier skin. You will find many different options to refresh your skin.

Most of the patients prefer simple methods for their skin to look fresh, even toned, fair and glowing. They want a treatment that does not involve any surgery or a long recovery period. They wish for treatments that give immediate results.

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In the recent era of advancement, dermatologists have developed many non-surgical treatments. People are becoming aware of these procedures and thus are growing fast.

Acne Cure

Acne is a common term used to describe pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and cysts as well. It usually occurs on the facial and neck areas. Hair Clinic provides the most advanced treatments for your acne and scars. Our dermatologists will suggest effective treatment plans for your acne and scars. This treatment plan will control your acne and pimples. It will also improve the acne scars. The result will be in the form of considerable reduction in acne and scars. Skin will be clearer with a natural glow on it.

Hydrafacial Treatment

HydraFacial skin treatment is the newest and most advanced treatment in dermatology. It combines the benefits of cleansing, extraction and hydration all at once. This results in a clearer,soft and more beautiful skin. The Treatment is moisturizing, soothing, and comfortable as well. HydraFacial treatment process involves gentle cleansing known as vortex cleansing. Acid peel is the next step followed by cleansing.

This process help remove deep pore debris and dirt that you are unable to do with normal face washing. This treatment reduce wrinkles, enlarged and congested pores, oily skin, brown spots e.t.c.

Dark Circles Treatment

Our services also include the best treatment for dark circles. There are many different reasons of having dark circles. some factors include genetic causes, drug abuse, allergies or poor sleep.

Our dermatologists first give you a complete diagnosis before going for treatment. Diagnosis is important because after this, the dermatologist may prescribe more suitable treatment. This can hand us the root cause, after which the treatment would be better. Our dermatologists often use eye cream, injectable fillers or some other treatments. We pay individual care and attention to all patient's needs to solve their issues.