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The development in the field of medicine have taken hair transplant to another level. People are now well aware of what they can access and what is suitable for them. FUE is such a technique which have given many people a new look and confidence to live.

What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Excision. It is a surgical procedure of transplanting hair to the bald area. It involves removing of individual hair or follicular units from the donor site on the back of head.

This method uses small circular punches to remove the individual follicular units. the removed follicles are then re-implanted back into the scalp in the balding areas.

Patients look for a surgeon with higher skill sets to get the successful results. Hair Clinic provides best and reliable surgeon you can trust. This procedure yields successful results in hair thickness, natural-looking hairline etc.


Here is an overview of procedure that takes place during the transplant

  • First, we identify the recipient areas then according to that area we take donor hair. We always take strong and healthy donor hair to get successful transplant.

FUE procedure

  • After preparing the donor area we extract hair follicles from them. We arrange these follicular units into groups of up to 4 hair. we place each group in the recipient area depending upon the hair pattern you have lost. grouping is to get natural look of hair.
  • With the help of small needles, we make small incisions in the recipient area.

We place the extracted hair follicles one by one in the incisions made in the effected area.

Who can go for FUE?

You can go for FUE if:

  • you have a disease that has stopped your hair growth.
  • you have lost your hair with age.
  • or hair loss due to traumas, burn or injury.
  • you can shave your head as we have to shave the donor area for the procedure.

Note: If you are on blood thinners FUE is not suitable.

Why FUE?

FUE requires a lot of care and effort. It is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Hair Clinic provides you with best surgeons who will treat you with proper care. FUE transplant takes one day and recovery time is three to five days. Incision scars recovers on their own. Thus FUE requiring no stitches and hair will grow in natural manner.


Results will soon appear in form of hair growth. at first the donor site will remain swollen for about first two day so does the recipient site. after the healing process hair will start growing and soon join the natural hairs.