An apple a day keeps the doctor away


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Eyelashes and Eyebrows are a significant part of face and are instant site of attraction. Eyelashes gets damage due to many reasons. some may include genetics, burn, infection or any related disease.

Hair Clinic provides best solution to this problem i.e. Eyelash Transplant. In this procedure eyelashes get treatment that increase them in length and density. This procedure is also called an eyelash implant.

Eyelash damage can be temporary or permanent. it is easy to recover from temporary damage. Temporary damage need no surgical treatment. While people with permanent damage need to go for eye lash transplant.

The Hair Clinic go for the process by extracting hair follicles from scalp. Process finishes by inserting them in the particular areas. Once the process completes, hair continue to grow in length and density. This delicate procedures demand much care and proper handling which Hair Clinic promises.

Whom it works for?

You are at right place if

  • you have lost eyelashes in an accident
  • you have genetic issue of thin eyelashes
  • if you have lost them due to a disease
  • or you lost them as a result of a treatment, any side effect of medicines

Eyelash Transplant have also caught a lot of attention. Not only because of medical reasons but for aesthetic beauty also, people are opting for this. while many women lost their eyelashes because of continuous application of artificial lashes. often people have a habit of pulling hairs which lead them to loss of hair at the end.

How it works?

It is a surgical process that takes place by taking the donor hair from head. It requires a proper match as it is a matter of face. then surgeon inserts these hair follicles in place following the proper procedure.


Step 1. First step takes place by applying anesthesia. It cause numbness to the patient so that rest of the procedure would give no discomfort.

Step 2. It takes donor hair from scalp according to the needs and extracting hair follicles.

Step 3. It includes the preparation of recipient area by making small incision on eyelids.

Step 4. It comprises the placement of donor hair in the recipient area.

we perform Eyelash transplant by both techniques i.e. FUE and FUT. It depends on the patient need or the surgeon suggest that which method is suitable for the person.


The treatment results in long and thick lashes. The transplanted lashes last for a long time. the transplanted hair continue to grow like natural lashes. The procedure does not demand any rest for hours. Transplant itself takes place with an hour or two. Person can to go work next day at ease.