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Predicting fashion trends is quite difficult because of unpredictable alterations. A person could not understand that whether a trend will remain for long or will lose its popularity soon.

The trend of keeping beard in men have gained enough popularity. So does Beard Transplantation.

Hair Clinic offers beard hair transplantation . Whether your beard is having low density hair or less hair since birth. If you need a transplant to your beard, you are at right place.

We achieved successful beard transplants that takes out the natural look of beard. Considering the natural direction of beard hair. No one will be able to find out that you have them transplanted, not even at close observation.

Reasons of Facial Hair Loss:

There are various causes of facial hair loss also. it can be due to:

  • some psychological or physical stress.
  • the laser hair removal.
  • a burn or any kind of injury
  • genes could also effect hair growth.
  • hormonal imbalance.

Whatever the vary reasons are, the ultimate solution is beard transplant. Our goal is to provide thick beard area and better hair growth. The beard hair transplant can resolve the issues of thin hair and no hair in the facial region.

How It Works?

It is a surgical procedure to transplant hair in areas in which there is absence or deficiency of hair. generally; when there you want to improve the hair density you can opt for beard transplant.

A large number of men have practiced facial surgeries till now. Who have accustomed to the poor hair growth. It could also be the result of having patches on beard region or facial scars that cause them hair loss.

Beard hair transplant is the most popular method. We can perform it at the requested facial area to increase the amount of hairs in that region.


Hair Clinic follows the valid and authentic procedure of Beard Hair Transplant. It takes few hours depending on the area of transplant. We offer Beard Hair Transplant with both FUT and FUE procedures. Surgeon decides the procedure according to the patient's need. It starts from taking the hair from the donor site. Donor site is usually back or side of the patient's head. we select the similar kind of hair for transplant that matches the facial growth, as it is a matter of face. In case of baldness or any other issue, we take the hair from other individuals that suits your face.

After the procedure the transplanted hair will grow in natural way. You can also shave them in a routine practice.